Have you been dying to learn how to fire a variety of rifles? Some men went their entire life not knowing how to shoot a shotgun, but have the desire to do so now. It might be that they want to take up hunting, or are interested in learning how to protect their families. Maybe, it’s marksmanship or the prospect of having a new hobby that sparked your interest. Whatever your reasons, you need to do so safely, without injuring yourself in the process by learning how to take a proper stance or fitting your gun with a top quality muzzle brake to reduce the effects of recoil. 223 muzzle brakes rock, see proof here.

Gun Recoil

How to Control Heavy Recoil Forces Using Isometric Exercises

All you’ll need to do is take a firm grip on the fore stock with your left hand if you’re right-handed, and push forward on the stock so that the muscles in your forearm, upper arms, and shoulder may tense up. From here you merely pull on the wrist of the stock using your right hand that you will also use to shoot, but hard enough so your wrist would be locked and the muscles in your arms and shoulder are under tension. This way, you’ll create a line of muscles that pull against each other from the wrist of your left hand up the left arm, and across your shoulders, then down the right arm to the wrist of your right hand.

When you fire the gun, your entire upper body will rock back at the waist, so it will not just be your right shoulder taking the force of recoil. You may want to record this on film by letting your friend set-up the camera towards the right and just behind you, so you don’t notice the camera. The camera angle should be good enough to catch you right or left shoulder when it’s violently pushed back in recoil. You can bet that after experimenting with different stances, you will soon discover a way to deal with heavy recoil and overcome your fear of shooting with heavy lifters.

The kind of position we just talked about can safely be used with shotguns and powerful rifles. It is not the shooting technique they teach in the military or any other shooting club. Needless to say, it works. Most of you are likely to shoot game at short distances like 100 yards away. The push-pull technique we just described can be effectively employed if you want to place a bullet where it needs to be. However, it is not the ideal shooting stance if your goal is to win target matches. For that, you’d be better off using 223 muzzle brakes as you get to take follow up shots without any hassles.

We can tell you this! If you happen to face an Alaskan bear or any other humongous animal at 100 yards or less, we can assure you that there will be enough adrenaline pumping through your veins, so you take a cool, target style shot that is near impossible under normal circumstances. If you use the technique we described early on, then you can avoid dealing with the flinch that would throw your bullet far off from the point of aim, successfully handle the recoil, and talk to your friends about a successful hunt over a pint of beer.

Before you head off into the bush to go and hunt, practice using the push-pull shooting technique. Use this on your hind legs, and shoot at targets that are at 50, 75 and 100 yards. This way, you will get a good feel for accuracy using your big rifle.

Others would call this particular stance we spoke about the athletic stance. Now, most rifle shooters make use of the bladed stance, which does not help much to reduce the recoil effects when firing a gun. You may want to compare it with a lineman during a football game who wants to resist the impact of another player pushing him backward. You can bet, he would stand sideways with one of his shoulders facing his opponent, all squared up. This is what you have to do when attempting to pull the trigger of a powerful rifle.

A safer alternative would be to opt for the triple port 223 muzzle brake by MadHouse Design for some serious recoil reduction. There is no need to experience different stances when you can just fit a triple-port brake to take your performance up a notch and experience outstanding results out in the field.